"Our data lake will have multiple zones from raw to curated data over multiple subject and time domains." Oh, so you mean a data warehouse?

“Cloud architecture is going to be a challenge. You’re all going to move there. You better get good at it” ~Michael Stonebraker, MIT ~ #edw2019 #bigdata #Analytics

„Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass wir bereits jetzt ein Tech-Unternehmen sind.“ – Interview mit Alexander Alten-Lorenz, EON https://t.co/HsHdYffk2d @mapredit

Metadata is so much more than “data about data” is is the context that makes data useable and findable! #lightningtalk emoji ❤️❣️metadata #EDW19

#edw19 Michael Stonebraker keynote - never found any data scientist that has spent more than 20 percent of time doing modeling and producing results - most of time in cleansing, one scientist says only 1% of time on models/results

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