Die Illusion, dass es eine analoge Abbildung der Welt, der Dinge und Vorstellungen in unserem Bewusstsein geben könnte....Das ist eine analoge Denkweise. Künstliche Intelligenz zeigt uns, dass das nicht funktioniert...
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Here's the latest batch of technical articles from members of the #OracleACE program.
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I created 230 test cases.

It took me 16 footnotes, some of them quite long, to describe all the limitations I found.

Here is the result in one picture. PostgreSQL still "red" and "n/a" because this picture is based on PostgreSQL 11.


Unexpected post today on LinkedIn bringing back some memories in Beijing 4 years ago - the time is running [too] fast.


„The conclusion from the 1970s was that the relational model provides superior data independence, compared to the network and hierarchical models. Forty-five years later, this conclusion is still true.“ - Michael Stonebraker

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